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DropDoc for Manufacturers & Machine Shops

Don’t let workers waste precious time searching paper documents or internal servers, only to have them give up finding the answers they need so desperately.

Whether it’s knowledge regarding maintenance, a specific component part, best practices, or tooling requirements, DropDoc keeps relevant information at the fingertips of those who need it the most – be it machine operators, CNC programmers, or other staff!

Keep your know-how, in-house

DropDoc can help you stop leaking tribal knowledge by eliminating the need for staff to rely on each other and paper-based documentation for knowledge sharing. With our easy-to-use, web-based platform learned know-how and information are readily available, easily searchable and effortlessly shareable with co-workers!

“DropDoc provides the most organic solution for capturing work steps and creating standard work that I have ever seen… It is fundamental to the success of my business.”

Rick De Jong, General Manager – Hydra Dyne Technology

Cut the scrap!

Do you want a more efficient (and safer!) facility? DropDoc was built for that. We’re proven to help machine shops and manufacturers cut their scrap, machine downtime, and quality issues.

“We’ve reduced scrap costs by 30% [from using DropDoc].”

Steve Bohner, President – Hydra Dyne Technology

Seriously, it’s easy to use

DropDoc was built by a machine shop, for machine shops (and manufacturers). We understand your unique needs, and our intuitive content editor and powerful keyword search capability ensures your most important information is easy to find, adjust, and maintain—just the way you need it.

“DropDoc helps us collect and retain important information. Any of us can use it to complete any task within the business.”

Mike Sherman, General Manager – The Oxford Hills

4 ways DropDoc is going to help you

Whether you want to see how it works, or you are ready to start making your first digital work instruction, we can help!

Increase overall productivity

Say goodbye to missed memos, outdated information, and misinterpretation. DropDoc’s digital document management features streamline communication, increase efficiency, and boosts productivity.

Do more with less people

Struggling to find workers? Onboarding taking too long? Get more from who you have with DropDoc. Beyond onboarding people faster, retaining more knowledge, and eliminating “make-work” tasks, you’ll increase machine productivity with our unique and advanced approach to machine tool monitoring!

Reduce scrap costs & quality issues

Hand-offs, lack of communication, staff turnover, misunderstood specifications – all reason for machine downtime, quality issues and increased scrap costs! And all are avoided with DropDoc. Ensuring the task is completed the same way every single time reduces the number of errors, which has a direct relation to quality issues and scrap costs. When errors are minimized, the cost of scrap will decrease because procedures are being completed correctly the first time.

Protect your most valuable asset: your people

Worried about safety concerns and exposing new employees to an environment they’re not used to? Ensure a safe work environment for your employees and protect your business by creating clear, thorough, and accurate safety inspections with DropDoc’s image-based inspection tool.


Interested in DropDoc? Book a personal demo instead on a date and time that works best for you.

Our Clients

DropDoc is used by large and small organizations, with flexible pricing to fit each set of needs. Here are a few customers:

Manufacturing & Machine Shops
Manufacturing & Machine Shops
Manufacturing & Machine Shops
Manufacturing & Machine Shops
Manufacturing & Machine Shops
Manufacturing & Machine Shops


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